Indonesian Wooden Furniture Industry

The Indonesian wooden furniture industry is a significant contributor to the country’s economy and one of the largest exporters of wooden furniture in the world. The industry has been growing rapidly in recent years, driven by increasing demand for Indonesian furniture in both domestic and international markets.

CV. Art Decor Indonesia as Indonesian Exporter Furniture 

One of the best furniture manufacturers you can find in Indonesia is CV. Art Decor Indonesia. The company offers a wide variety of furniture with plenty of advantages regarding their products, services, and pricings.

Pricing Advantage of Indonesian Exporter Furniture

There are many of furniture enterprises and manufacturer across Indonesia, and some of the best ones are located in Jepara, Central Java. That being said, it shouldn’t hard to find furnishing suppliers that provide a wide veriety of products throughout the country, with difference of quality, pricing, and material options, especially in Jepara.

As for CV. Art Decor Indonesia, the price is set refers to the wholesale standard of B2B (business-to-business) market. With such an advantage on the cost, the company still manages to put out products with high value and quality

Wooden Handycraft By Art Decor Indonesia

Wooden sculptures made with skilled hands made by the community that empower the communities around the factory.

Cuttingboard made with small pieces of wood so that it supports zero percent waste disposal helping to preserve the environment
Antique products use 100 percent solid wood, native wood from Indonesia that is empowered by the community and the government.
wooden solid


The industry material is made from the best quality grade teak wood, Grade A, mindi wood & mahoghany legal from forests managed by the Indonesian government Usually combined with other materials such as fabric and rattan or stainles, iron, aluminum
Among the other city, Jepara is popular with a high quality furniture product. Historically, Jepara already developed wooden craft since since 1500 A.D. As a city with a big trade route in the Java Sea it makes Jepara furniture industry growing rapidly. This kind of environment also support by plenty of skillfull craftmen, and wood resource. Jepara has around 12,000 industrial houses and 200 exporters. Each craftsman leader has 5-15 craftsmen. Jepara is indeed not one of the cities that produces furniture. But there is no city that exceeds Jepara with the number of craftsmen and furniture businessmen.
1. Browse And Select The Items To start your order, you can browse and select from our furniture products catalogue, and put in your wishlist to order 2. Request And Quotation After you have the wishlist products, request your quotation by send email to or Whatsapps +6282322907619. We will email you back with the product quotations in less than 48 hours 3. Make Payment After dealing with the price, you can start making payments starting with the down payment as stated in payment term 4. We Manufacture And Stay In Touch After you make a deposit of payment, soon we will start the production process. We recommend that you keep in touch with us to monitor the progress of the production till to delivery 5. Pay The Balance You need to pay us the balance when we issue the shipping documents. Once we get the payment confirmation, we will load the goods on the cargo. 6. We Send The Cargo
Quality assurance for all Jepara Indonesia Furniture products, because all processes go through very strict quality control, starting from the initial selection of materials to the finishing process. We also serve orders and deliveries to various countries, because the majority of products are oriented to the international market. Besides being able to order products from the catalog, you can also order special orders, according to your design and wishes. Custom Furniture can be made according to an order design pattern to produce works of art that still prioritize customer satisfaction.
Indonesia is well known as a country with many of furniture manufacturer who produce a high quality furniture. In fact, almost 2 billion USD worth of furniture being exported in each year. As a prospective buyers in Indonesia, you need to know the essentials in order to make an excellent purchase. Especially for first experience, is vulnurable to lose a track essentials. This guide will help you to avoid an unexpected disadventage when buying furniture in Indonesia. Especially in import and export cases.
Indonesia is a country with a large tropical forest. Therefore, there are many types of quality wood used as raw material for furniture. Each has advantages and requires different treatment. As a competitive furniture manufacturer, Art Decor Indonesia offers you many choices. Here are the types of wood that we offer.
Teak wood furniture has been guaranteed as a material for making furniture which is considered to have premium quality. It is undeniable that all furniture products that use teak wood as raw material will produce high quality products. Then why can it be called that? What are the advantages of teak itself? Teak wood is a type of wood with fine fibers and is known to have very good strength compared to other types of wood. In addition, this type of wood is not easily weathered, resistant to pests, and durable. In the manufacture of various kinds of furniture, it turns out that they do not always use new teak wood as the main material. Recycled teak wood can also be used in the manufacture of furniture. What is meant by this type of recycled teak wood is the type of teak wood obtained from used equipment or goods made from teak wood. Generally obtained from former house buildings such as house poles, windows, and doors. You can make various kinds of furniture such as tables, chairs, cupboards, or others according to the width and size of the recycled teak wood that you provide There are several benefits in using recycled teak wood to be used as teak wood furniture products, namely: Ø In terms of aesthetics, this type of teak wood has a finer and more beautiful fiber. Making it easier for you to make the shape and model of teak wood furniture. Ø By using recycled teak wood, it will reduce the intensity of cutting teak wood in meeting the needs of raw materials for making furniture. Ø This type of recycled teak wood can be easily found anywhere. So you don’t have to spend money and energy in finding raw materials for making recycled teak wood furniture. Art Decor Indonesia offers recycled teak wood as a commitment to the sustainability of the furniture industry which is more environmentally friendly while still prioritizing quality in order to provide customer satisfaction


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