Essential guide to buy furniture. Indonesia is well known as a country with many of furniture manufacturer who produce a high quality furniture. In fact, almost 2 billion USD worth of furniture being exported in each year. As a prospective buyers in Indonesia, you need to know the essentials in order to make an excellent purchase. Especially for first experience, is vulnurable to lose a track essentials. This guide will help you to avoid an unexpected disadventage when buying furniture in Indonesia. Especially in import and export cases.

A Potential Place To Buy In Indonesia 

Among the other city, Jepara is popular with a high quality furniture product. Historically, Jepara already developed wooden craft since since 1500 A.D. As a city with a big trade route in the Java Sea it makes Jepara furniture industry growing rapidly. This kind of environment also support by plenty of skillfull craftmen, and wood resource. Jepara has around 12,000
industrial houses and 200 exporters. Each craftsman leader has 5-15 craftsmen. Jepara is indeed not one of the cities that produces furniture. But there is no city that exceeds Jepara with the number of craftsmen and furniture businessmen. One of them is at Art Decor Indonesia.

Various Type Of Furniture

There are various type of furniture in Indonesia, especially in Jepara. A furniture manufacturer provide both machine-made dan handmade furniture in order to handle a custom product. You can also order with certain specifications such as materials from wood, metal, rattan, or even a combination of the three. Therefore, the manufacturer can provide advice on the working method. Let’s say the use of machines can produce products in large quantities. While manual work can produce products with details that are also artistic.

Furniture such as tables, chairs, couches, mirror frames and others have come in various styles and shapes. If you want to see please visit our catalog link


Essential guide to buy furniture one of which is the type of wood used. Each wood has a different treatment in order to produce quality furniture that can last a long time. At Art Decor Indonesia, we provide several types of wood. You can choose the type of wood you want or ask us for recommendations. One of the treatments we give to wood is to reduce the moisture content. Why is water content important? High water content can cause mold to grow, which over time can cause the wood to rot. We use the kiln drying process to reduce the moisture content of the wood. Such as teak which ideally has a moisture content of 10% or mahogany with a moisture content of 14-15%.

In addition, you also need to ensure that the raw materials used are legal materials. For this reason, Art Decor Indonesia ensures that the wood we use is equipped with legal documents such as SLVK.


Communication is important. Because, you must always monitor production to ensure that there are no unwanted things such as product specification errors, payments, and others. We strongly recommend that buyers take a certain amount of time to communicate with us. Art Decor Indonesia is ready to communicate with you via online and offline.

Quality and Price: Wich One Is The Priority?

Quality and price are always a fair debate. However, we recommend focusing on quality. Because, quality and price are directly proportional. To become a competitive and reliable furniture manufacturer. Art Decor Indonesia is committed to producing the highest quality furniture.

With the best price, we will be more flexible in providing recommendations about products in terms of materials, workmanship, delivery, and others. Paying off the deposit is also important. Because with the payment of the deposit we can provide quality assurance to you.

Importing Furniture

Indonesia as an archipelagic country makes it easy to ship by sea. There are three major ports in Indonesia, such as the Tanjung Perak port in the city of Surabaya, the Tanjung Mas port in the city of Semarang, and the Tanjung Priok port in the city of Jakarta. Art Decor Indonesia, which is located in the city of Jepara, makes it close to the Tanjung Mas port in the city of Semarang. In addition, we also complete the delivery with a letter of completeness.

For more information you can read our shipping procedures at this link.

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