The aesthetic of rattan for furniture industry players is a work of art with aesthetic value which in its manufacture requires precision and patience from the hands of reliable craftsmen. To produce aesthetic value, furniture products often use additional materials. At Art Decor Indonesia, we use three quality additives that have gone through a rigorous selection process. Here are additional ingredients that we recommend.


One of the natural plants that is familiar in the world of furniture and
handicrafts, rattan is a type of plant that thrives in the Asian region,
including Indonesia. Often found as woven creations on furniture, this material is famous for the traditional impression it brings.

With its flexibility and beautiful color, rattan is a favorite material for the manufacture of various works of extraordinary beauty. The greatness of rattan lies not only in its flexible, strong and easy to shape properties. This material is also classified as a fairly cheap basic material with a tempting tropical-style aesthetic.

Products from this material can easily adapt to the surrounding environment, making it easy to apply both in the outdoor and indoor parts of the house.

Rattan and the world of furniture are already difficult to separate. It’s not even an exaggeration if the main use of this material is prioritized for the manufacture of various types of furniture or household appliances. The furniture industry for this material is noted to be very widespread and in various scales, both factory and private production from local craftsmen.

Some of the rattan furniture products include sofas, chairs, tables, table mats, beds, and mats. Not only meeting household needs, they also have
their own distinctive artistic style.

Water Hyacinth

Water hyacinth is a plant that lives floating in water and can sometimes take root in the ground. Water hyacinth itself is often considered as an agricultural pest by today’s society because this plant can cause silting of waters, blockage of irrigation which causes flooding, decline in fish populations, and can be a nesting and breeding place for mosquitoes.

But in addition to the various losses that can be caused by this water hyacinth, the craftsman community sees that this plant which is considered a pest by the community can be used as a promising raw material for handicrafts. This can happen because the number of water hyacinth plants is very abundant and very fast to grow and spread.

In addition to crafts, apparently this material can be used to make furniture. Yes, in fact, currently there is water hyacinth furniture. Of course, water hyacinth furniture is not made one hundred percent of these materials. This is because this material is not a solid material that has the strength to become a frame like wood or rattan.

What is meant by water hyacinth furniture is furniture which some of its components and or distinctive characteristics rest on the use of water hyacinth. This material can be used as a sofa upholstery, woven to decorate a table, to a material for chair backs.

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