The benefits of recycled teak is a type of teak wood obtained from used equipment or items made of teak wood.

Teak wood furniture has been guaranteed as a material for making furniture which is considered to have premium quality. It is undeniable that all furniture products that use teak wood as raw material will produce high quality products. Then why can it be called that? What are the advantages?

In the manufacture of various kinds of furniture, it turns out that they do not always use new teak wood as the main material. Recycled teak wood can also be used in the manufacture of furniture.

What is meant by this type of recycled teak wood is the type of teak wood obtained from used equipment or goods made from teak wood. Generally obtained from former house buildings such as house poles, windows, and doors. 

You can make various kinds of furniture such as tables, chairs, cupboards, or others according to the width and size of the recycled teak wood that you provide.

The benefits of recycled teak to be used as teak wood furniture products, namely:

Ø In terms of aesthetics, this type of teak wood has a finer and more beautiful fiber. Making it easier for you to make the shape and model of teak wood furniture.

Ø By using recycled teak wood, it will reduce the intensity of cutting teak wood in meeting the needs of raw materials for making furniture.

Ø This type of recycled teak wood can be easily found anywhere. So you don’t have to spend money and energy in finding raw materials for making recycled teak wood furniture.

Art Decor Indonesia offers recycled teak wood as a commitment to the sustainability of the furniture industry which is more environmentally friendly while still prioritizing quality in order to provide customer satisfaction.

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