Types of wood in furniture manufacture industry which one is better. Indonesia is a country with a large tropical forest. Therefore, there are many types of quality used as raw material for furniture. Each has advantages and requires different treatment. As a competitive furniture manufacturer, Art Decor Indonesia offers you many choices.

Here are the types of wood which one is that we offer.

Teak Wood

Teak Wood

Teak wood is a very popular wood in furniture manufacture industry. Teak wood is found in the area of the island of Java and the island of Borneo. Although the teak tree originates in Kalimantan and Sumatra, this tree does not grow optimally due to unfavorable soil factors. This is due to the high acid content of the island.

This wood is classified as premium wood in the furniture industry. To be a furniture material, it takes teak wood that has reached decades of age. This age factor makes the price of teak more expensive than other woods.

Teak wood has a longer durability than other woods, because this wood has natural oils that make it resistant to pests. We recommend not using bright colors on this wood. Because it can make natural oils leave yellowish stains on furniture. We also recommend that teak wood furniture be given a natural color, this color will give the impression of natural wood strokes and have aesthetic value.

Trembesi Wood

Trembesi wood in the fiber has good strokes like teak wood. There is an elegant impression that comes from the strokes. When still a tree, this wood is very strong against extreme weather. But not again after he was turned into wood. Trembesi wood is not strong in extreme weather anymore.

The wood is more suitable for use as indoor products that do not have construction joints and solid designs. This wood is also usually used as a shade on the road. Although this wood is not resistant to extreme weather, it can still be used for road shading. Trembesi wood has a faster growth than other trees. Trembesi wood is often found in large forms. This wood is used for furniture whose manufacture requires the strength of the product itself, such as making a solid table.

Sungkai Wood

Sungkai wood is generally light in color, and the edges of the wood have a lighter color. This wood also has a rough surface, this wood is not as smooth as teak and others. With strong and good wood fibers, this wood would be better for making furniture with natural colors.

Sungkai wood is also commonly used as a material for making windows, doors, and also roof frames. This wood is also used for the manufacture of veneers or wood veneers. The purpose of making veneers is to help the final process of making wood to be more even and get good results.

Considering that sungkai wood does not have a strong character when exposed to the sun and rain for a long time. Even pest attack can make this wood can be soft. Sungkai wood should be used as indoor furniture.

Mahogany Wood

Mahogany wood is one of the raw materials for making furniture manufacture industry in Jepara. This wood is often even exported abroad, especially countries in Europe. Craftsmen in Jepara mostly process this wood for export abroad. Although mahogany is not as strong as teak, mahogany has a finer grain. This wood is softer and easier to shape and carve. In addition, this wood has fine pores, so the resulting product is also smooth. The color of this wood is slightly reddish on the inside, and dark brown on the outside.

The diameters of mahogany and teak are almost the same, but mahogany has a more affordable price, but not in the process. Why? First, if you want to use mahogany as a raw material for making furniture, you must choose wood with a diameter of more than 30 cm. Then, this wood is easy to shrink and can be attacked by pests. Second, this wood is not as hard as teak. This makes them susceptible to pests. Before processing, mahogany wood will usually be soaked in anti-pest liquid to make it more durable. However, there are also craftsmen who boil this wood first until there are absolutely no pests.

Mindi Wood


Mindi wood or commonly called white cedar or chinaberry is a type of solid wood that is often used as home furniture material. Mindi wood comes from the mindi tree which grows in tropical climates such as Indonesia, India and Burma. Mindi wood is often used as an alternative to Dutch teak which is very expensive. In Indonesia, this wood is often found in Java, Bali, East Nusa Tenggara and West Nusa Tenggara.

If juxtaposed with teak wood, you may be fooled because the shape and color are almost the same. Mindi wood has a medium resistance and is equivalent to the resistance of mahogany and sungkai wood. Mindi wood is relatively easy to attack by termites and fungi, so it is necessary to add anti-pest fluid. Mindi wood has a straight grain and is somewhat integrated. Mindi trees also have almost the same size as teak trees. Mindi trees can grow up to 45 meters with a height of 8 to 20 meters of wood branches and a diameter of 60 cm. The mindi tree is shaped like an umbrella so it is often used as a shade tree.

Mindi wood is often used to make furniture products of medium to high quality. When viewed from the level of strength and durability, this wood is classified as medium quality wood, but the affordable price makes this wood still used in the furniture industry.



Those are the types of wood used in Art Decor Indonesia. With their respective advantages, we will provide recommendations for the best raw materials for your furniture needs. Contact us and we will provide our best service.


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