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History of Art Decor Indonesia

CV. Art Decor Indonesia serves a wide range of customers, hotel projects, retailers worldwide and anyone interested in furniture products. 
The company does not impose quantity limits on its customers and accepts custom furniture orders with no minimum order quantity. This shows that the company is flexible and can accommodate various customer needs.
As a furniture industry based in Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia, CV. Art Decor Indonesia cooperates with several micro furniture industries in the city of Jepara to produce wood furniture. 
The company believes that this collaboration will help absorb people’s workforce more evenly and contribute to the country’s economic development.
If you have furniture needs, you can consult CV. Art Decor Indonesia. They welcome B2B wholesalers, worldwide retailers, and hospitality projects. You can browse our product catalog or request custom furniture to meet your specific needs.

Art Decor Indonesia has grown significantly since it was founded by Muhammadun Adijati and assisted by 2 profesional carpenter in 2014. It started as a small home workshop in Jepara City and initially supplied unfinished furniture to several large furniture factories in the city. However, in 2017, Art Decor Indonesia entered the out-of-town furniture end user market with an online marketing model using websites and social media. 

In 2019, the company started marketing overseas, which is a big step for any business. In the same year, Art Decor Indonesia exported its first furniture container to the United States. This shows that the company has succeeded in building a reputation and producing furniture that appeals to the international market.

See how Art Decor Indonesia has grown from a small home workshop to a company that exports furniture overseas. We hope to continue to experience success in their endeavours.


CV. Art Decor Indonesia is located at Jl. Djayadi Rejo, Bendansari, Tahunan, Kec. Tahunan, Jepara, Jawa Tengah 59451. The products we produce are bedroom furniture, dining room furniture, living room furniture, occasional furniture, office furniture, and various furniture products for outdoor, indoor & handicraft with classic and modern designs
Tax ID 607837341516000
NIB 0109220071155
Business Type  
Manufacture, Distributor/wholesaler & Custom
Main Products
Indoor  Furniture Additional Rattan, Teak Patio Chairs, Teak Patio Table, teak coffe table, Teak Dining Chairs
Total Annual Revenue
Total Employees
20-30 employees 
Nearest Port
Port Tanjung Mas, Semarang
Production Capacity
6X 20FT/Mot


About Industry & Handycraft In Jepara

Since 19th century, Jepara has been well-known for furniture and crafting. Jepara is claimed as an integrated region for furniture and crafting. Jepara is not only known as the “City of Carving” but also a home industry for several products such as manual woven cloth and metal crafts as well as the rattan industry.

In Jepara, furniture manufacturing and crafting have become ingrained part of culture, arts, economic, social and politic. Historically, the beginning of furniture making and crafting in Jepara remains vague. Thus, tracking the history is necessary to know the development of Jepara as an integrated region for furniture and crafting at the present time. Since 1970, Jepara has begun exporting furniture to several regions of Europe and the Middle East. To add the diversity of the furniture exporter in Jepara, CV. Art Decor Indonesia is present as the part of this story.

 At present time, human beings and their basic needs such as clothes, food supplies and house are inseparable. In relation to the home furniture, interior and exterior design is manifestly important. The development of interior and exterior design evolves according to the demands and trends. The differences only rely on the type of the materials. Nowadays, there are many kinds of furniture made of the materials outside of woods such as synthetic rattan, stainless steel and many others.

Even though the time and design will gradually change, however, woods will endlessly be the prominent materials for anyone searching for furniture. Wooden furniture remains in existence, either classic or modern because it is considerably steady and aesthetic.

Despite the high demands of the unstandardized woods such as multiplex or veneer, we produce the furniture using high quality woods such as teak wood, mahogany wood and mindi wood. It is our responsibility to assure you that our product is legally certified. We use SVLK certified woods to support healthy forest product regulation.

In order to pursue quantity serving the wholesale market continuously or regularly, we provide a full machine use service. Because we are aware that our human resources are very limited.

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