Since July 2018 our Government has issued a new regulation for business licenses called NIB (Business Identification Number). All manufacturers and exporters must have this ID for all their shipments. NIB must be owned by the company because it is an identity in the implementation of activities. So Art Decor Indonesia is always updated to comply with NIB in order to support the government. With NIB, it will be easier for CV. Art Decor Indonesia to run its business

The existence of the SVLK is a step by the Indonesian government to be committed and serious about the environment
Timber legality or SVLK functions to ensure that wood products and raw materials are obtained or come from their original sources and their management meets legality aspects.
The government really hopes that with the existence of SVLK certification, timber regulations can better prevent illegal logging so as not to damage the environment
Therefore CV. Art Decor Indonesia supports every step of the government to commit and follow the rules of the Indonesian government



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