We believe that the material, especially wood in Indonesia, is of high quality and in our opinion exporting unfinished furniture is considerably unreasonable

Teak wood

Teak is a tropical hardwood tree native to Southeast Asia and India. Despite its ability to survive and grow in a wide range of climate conditions, it grows best in a warm, moist, tropical climate with a significant different between dry and wet seasons. Growing vertically and straight, it can reach heights of up to 130 feet. Teak wood is known for having a high oil content, which protects the wood from both water damage and insects. Due to the density and protective oils of teak wood, this furniture can last for a lifetime if the right grade is used. Teak wood is most suitable for indoor and outdoor furniture.

Recycled Teak

In accordance with the principles of responsible forest management, we also use original teak wood from old boats or old houses. It is processed by collecting the material and recycled it through a series of process to reduce the level of depletion of valuable forest resources so it can be renewed.


Mahogany is a straight grained, reddish brown wood from many Indonesian tropical hardwood species that has been used for more than 50 years in the furniture industry in Jepara. The Mahogany wood is as popular as teak wood for being the source of furniture material. It uses for making furniture, boatbuilding, window frame and carving. The uniqueness of mahogany relies on its beautiful color and its durability to survive for a long time.


Aluminum is an ideal material for the outdoors because it is rust resistant and light and strong. Our aluminum products are self-designed and tested in our own product development workshop to ensure that all constructions are sturdy and strong enough to meet the rigors of outdoor life. Even better, aluminum is combined with artificial wood and rattan

Stainless steel
stainlesteel 304 and 316 are two of the most common grades that we commonly use and offer to our customers. for the use of indoor furniture we have several sample finishes with extraordinary results. The use of stainlesteel itself is usually applied or paired with teak wood with beautiful wood pores, as well as natural and synthetic rattan according to the needs of our customers.


Good furniture is not only seen in terms of color and model. The quality of cushions is also one of the significance in furniture manufacturing since it sometimes becomes a consideration when choosing furniture.

Natural Rattan Motif 

A colletion of rattan woven by Art Decor Indonesia 

Keranjang Belanja