Stainlesteel Finish

Hairline (HL) Finish
As the name implies, which contains the word hair, this finishing seems to give the impression that the lines must be like hair on the stainless surface. He doesn’t look like a mirror or a shadow, you can say semidoff

Mirror Finish
This finish gives the impression of a mirror on stainless or reflects shadows. The surface is smooth and there are many color choices such as gold, rose gold, black, bronze etc. This finishing is what many people are interested in in making furniture or coffee tables because this finishing makes the object look elegant, luxurious and beautiful.

Powder-Coated Paint Finishes

Flannery offers Powder-Coated Paint Finishes on all of its aluminum trims. Flannery’s factory powder-coated paint process can match any paint manufacturer’s paint number or match a custom paint color to provide the desired aesthetic finish. Powder-coated paint finishes are applied to the aluminum trims after a chem-film finish and factory primer has been applied. Please have the color code or sample available when requesting a quote for these custom colors.


Powder-Coated Paint finishes shall meet or exceed the dry film thickness of 1.2 mil 

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